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Style and death. If you look at our rituals, at the details of which they consist, it becomes clear that we have not yet "switched to you" with death. That's why all the great songs are about love and death.

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Organic chemistry NFT script on the topic of fungi, the kingdom of nature that comprises the signs of both animals and plants. Even though humans are considered to be the supreme creation, the author illustrates another point of view.
Sweet killer NFT illustration of how beautiful, tasty and sweet a harmful product may be. No matter whether it is chocolate, alcohol or relationship, it is still an effective suicide tool.
I want to play a game NFT allusion to Billi doll from a scary movie. Light and bright style of the author is a new reading of the character. Inscriptions on the work refer us to 2022.
Bad thoughts NFT illustration of the fatal impact of negative thoughts on people's health and life. The animated style and bright colors make this picture look pleasant and even therateuptical.
Frida NFT sketch of the amazing personality of Frida Kahlo. The whole Mexican culture and its attitude to Death is consonant with this collection. The bright and still tragic life of the great artist in the NFT by Anastasia Matyash.


Skull is the symbol of death. Art, fashion and style are the product of the longevity of our civilization. Skull as an object of art is quite contradictory, and this reminds us of death and that the life goes on since despite each of us is mortal the death of one person means nothing for the whole humanity. We study the experience accumulated by our ancestors, their colclusions, the experience of past crises and wars. We have become one step closer to death, and now it is getting clearer.

And now we are flirting with her, joking, showing each other that this is not the end. It is unlikely that we will learn something new about death within the framework of our life, those who have been there will no longer tell the living how it really is, so everything is just a theory. You cross the border of another country without the right to return to your homeland. The only thing we can influence is our attitude to death. I am pleased to think that my loved ones, who are no longer with me, just changed their spacesuit.